Can I Subdivide my Property?

This is a question that we are commonly asked.

There are a number of variables in providing an answer.  Here, at Stratum Consultants, we have a number of Planning and Surveying experts that can assist with navigating you through these variables to provide you with an answer that works.

The three main factors in determining whether you are able to subdivide your property are:

  1. The size and shape of your property,

  2. The zone that your property is in, and

  3. The subdivision rules of the Council’s District Plan.

What is a Subdivision? 

Subdivision is the process of dividing a single piece of land into multiple pieces of land.  It can come in many forms; from a boundary adjustment where you sell, purchase or swap land with a neighbour; infill residential subdivision, multi-lot residential subdivision, rural subdivision, and commercial/industrial subdivision.

Subdivisions can also vary in complexity, from a simple boundary adjustment or 2-lot subdivision just requiring a Surveyor and your lawyer, through to more complex and/or large multi-lot subdivisions that can require input from a wide range of professionals including planners, engineers, contractors, urban designers, environmental scientists, landscape architects, lawyers, valuers and cultural experts.  These factors will all have a bearing on the time taken and the cost to complete the subdivision process.

All subdivisions generally follow the same process. 

This process can briefly be described as follows:

  1. Feasibility to determine whether your property is able to be subdivided and an estimate of the costs/time-frame.

  2. Decide on the subdivision design and servicing requirements.

  3. Prepare and submit a subdivision application and scheme plan to Council.

  4. Obtain formal Council subdivision approval.

  5. Engage contractors to undertake physical works, if required (i.e. the installation of services, Right of Ways, roads, etc) and complete all conditions of consent.

  6. Undertake the Land Transfer Surveys of the new boundaries and easements, including the placement of boundary pegs and the preparation of formal Land Transfer Plans.

  7. Prepare and submit a Section 223 & 224 application to Council. This is the final Council sign off confirming that all of the conditions of consent have been met.

  8. Complete any legal work required by the subdivision.

  9. Lodgement of the Land Transfer Plan to Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) for their issuing of the legal titles.

Although the subdivision process can be complicated and seem daunting, we specialise in making this process as easy and stress free as possible for you. 

To find out more on whether you are able to subdivide your property, please contact one of Stratum Consultants Planning or Surveying experts.

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Two New Exciting Rotorua Projects

The Rotorua office of Stratum Consultants Ltd has been proud to have been involved in many significant projects on the Rotorua landscape over the years.  We can now add another two new exciting projects to that list!

Our Planning, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering and Surveying staff have all recently been involved with and provided professional services to the following two projects:

Wai Ariki Hot Springs & Spa

This soon to be commenced Pukeroa Oruawhata Group development is a multi-million dollar luxury Spa and Wellness Centre that is to be developed on Rotorua City's lakefront, offering holistic wellbeing treatments with a Te Ao Maori focus.


For more detail on this project please see the following the Rotorua Daily Post article link:

Whare Aroha CARE Village

This soon to be opened state-of-the-art Dementia Care Village in Ngongotaha is the first of its kind to be built in the world outside of Holland, and is based on a renowned Dutch dementia village, De Hogeweyk.


For more detail on this project please see the following Rotorua Daily Post article link:

Stratum’s New Shareholder

Bart, Colin, Andrew, John and Stephen are pleased to announce Brett Farquhar as a shareholder with Stratum Consultants Ltd. 

We are delighted to have Brett’s experience and knowledge in the planning and resource management fields, and his step into ownership now recognises him as a key member of the Stratum management team.

Well done Brett!

Welcome Elles Pearse-Danker: Geotechnical Engineer

Stratum Consultants is excited to welcome Elles Pearse-Danker to the team. 

Elles is a highly experienced Geotechnical Engineer with particular knowledge of the Bay of Plenty area.  She has qualified as a Tauranga City Council Category 1 Geoprofessional which means she can provide specialist geotechnical advice on difficult sites in the Tauranga area. 

Her experience and technical expertise will be a valuable asset to Stratum’s growing geotechnical team.

Welcome Elles!

Stratum Consultants Appointed as a Land Use Advisor to the BOP Regional Council

Stratum Consultants Ltd has recently been appointed as a Land Use Nutrient Advice and Support Services advisor to the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council (BOPRC) has embarked on an initiative to reduce the nutrient levels in Lake Rotorua.  This includes nitrogen and phosphorous. 

This initiative requires the support of suitably qualified Land Use Advisors to work with landowners and farm operators in the Lake Rotorua Catchment Area to assess the current nutrient discharge levels of properties and develop Farm Nutrient Plans to support the resource consent process.  The BOPRC has contracted Stratum Consultants Ltd as an independent Land Use Advisor.   

As a Land Use Advisor we will provide business planning support.  This business planning advice would be required where more significant options need to be explored to support the development of a Farm Nutrient Plans, and may include subdivision or resource consent where a land use change is proposed.

Funding is also available to provide a level of business planning support in circumstances where the nitrogen discharge allowance is difficult to achieve.

Please contact Bart Yetsenga, Brett Farquhar or Karla Putt from our Rotorua office if you consider this is relevant to you.