How to Identify your Property Boundary

One of the more common queries our survey team are asked is where is my boundary, or where are my boundary pegs?  We call this a boundary redefinition survey.

This is very important especially if you need to build a fence or a wall, or position a new building in relation to your property boundaries.  If you build over your boundary, or locate a building within the Council required yard setbacks, then this can be an expensive mistake to rectify.

If you need to locate your boundary, you need to know what you are looking for.  It is almost certain your boundary has had boundary marks placed by a surveyor at some stage.

These are the 3 most common boundary markers:

So if you are proposing to build a fence or structure on or near a boundary you should confirm the peg positions to make sure you are building where you think you are.

And remember, boundary pegs are protected by law and are not allowed to be moved or removed. 

If you are unable to locate or are unsure about your property boundaries and need advice, please contact our surveyors located in our local offices who will be able to assist.