On-site Effluent Treatment (OSET)

The On-Site Effluent Treatment Regional Plan (OSET Plan) is a Bay of Plenty Regional Council plan that has been operative since 2006. 

It directs the management of domestic wastewater to protect water quality in the Bay of Plenty through the introduction of rules.  On-site effluent treatment systems include septic tanks and associated soakage fields and advanced aerobic systems.

In many parts of the Bay of Plenty, communities have been provided with sewers or reticulated wastewater systems. 

Where a sewer is available, then you must connect.

However, where no sewer is available you will need to provide an on site system which has been designed and constructed in accordance with the rules of the OSET Plan.  The purpose of the OSET Plan is to ensure that wastewater is discharged safely and that the effects are managed.

If you are building a new home that will utilise on site systems, this will be approved as part of the Building Consent process.  Alternatively if vacant lots are being created outside of reticulated wastewater areas, then the sites will have to prove that a complying on site system is able to be constructed.  If your treatment system is not able to meet the rules, then a Resource Consent will be required.

Stratum Consultants Ltd is a Bay of Plenty Regional Council “Approved OSET System Designer” and recognised as a Suitably Qualified and Experienced Person (SQEP).  '

Should you wish to know more about these requirements and how they may affect you, then please contact Craig Pollard or any of the Stratum Consultants Ltd engineering team.

More information on the OSET Plan is also available in a booklet produced by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council on the following link: