Celebrating our team and their success is a vital part of what we do.

Clients say they notice a difference when they work with us. Our team says the same thing. And it’s a good difference. Talk to us today and transform your career and your lifestyle.


This is Brett

Brett is both a family man, and a wannabe golf professional.

Brett works at Stratum Consultants as a Principal.

But it wasn’t always this way. In fact Brett used to work for a larger multi-disciplinary firm.

Being a go-getter Brett quickly realised that the larger multi-disciplined firm he worked for wasn’t quite for him … so for career development reasons he decided to move to Stratum Consultants; a smaller firm that provided exactly what he needed!

You see there are loads of opportunities to develop your career at Stratum Consultants because we are small enough to be BIG! Small enough to allow staff to interact across the entire company, meaning involvement in, or at least awareness of, the many BIG projects on the go across all the offices.

Brett was able to gain Management Experience right away and quickly progressed his role to an Associate and Senior Staff Member then onto Company Ownership as a Shareholder and Principal at Stratum Consultants.

At Stratum Consultants we have a simple master plan; to ensure the on-going evolution of the firm through development and promotion of key staff.


This is Matt

Matt is a proud Bay of Plenty local who’s handy with the cattle and a rugby ball.

Matt works at Stratum Consultants in the Te Puke office as a Surveyor.

But it wasn’t always this way. In fact Matt’s career at Stratum Consultants started as a part time Surveying Student gaining work experience while completing his education through Otago University.

You see there are loads of opportunities to develop your career at Stratum Consultants because we are small enough to be BIG!

Matt was able to progress his career from Otago University Surveying Student through to Licensed Cadastral Surveyor in a 5 year period! All due to the help, support and mentoring he received from his Stratum Consultants colleagues.

For Matt Stratum Consultants being small enough to be BIG means that he is able to have great working relationships with his colleagues, while still being able to gain work experience on a wide variety of projects and tasks within his chosen field.


This is Conor

Conor loves mountain biking, snow skiing and playing squash.

Conor works at Stratum Consultants and is training to be a Civil Engineer.

But it wasn’t always this way. In fact Conor started at Stratum Consultants as a survey and engineering assistant, before realising Civil Engineering was where he wanted to be.

Conor loves working for Stratum Consultants because it’s a multi-disciplinary consultancy which covers a range of sectors including; residential, commercial, and industrial. But best of all he is located in a geographically central place – near the Rotorua Mountain Bike Trails and the Ruapehu Ski Fields.

After only a short time Conor is already progressing up the career ladder, with Stratum Consultants having recognised Conor as having the key attributes to becoming a professional staff member and supporting him through his Civil Engineering qualifications.

"It's all easily achieved when you're working with a good bunch of practical folk and the help, support and mentoring I have received" says Conor.

Rotorua during work activity = civil engineering training.
Rotorua after work activity = mountain biking, snow skiing and squash!

You do the math!