Here at Stratum Consultants we are small enough to be BIG!

We are a medium sized, Multi-specialist company that takes on and wins the big projects!

At Stratum, Career Development isn’t just attainable but promised. Our efficient corporate structure promises Involvement in, or at the very least awareness of, the many BIG projects we land across all of our branches.

We pride ourselves on our communication, all projects are discussed and shared openly with the entire team, creating plenty of opportunities for you to be involved in work that interests & excites you. 

Working with us means you will not just do the work you need to do - but the work you want to do!

All staff are highly valued and respected and are provided with an extensive support network to help them develop and grow their professional skills.

Our people are our biggest asset and it has been thoroughly worth investing the time into our team to help create a fantastic culture. 

We are a team of like-minded, down to earth professionals who enjoy a good laugh and celebrating each other’s success, all contributing to making Stratum a special and unique place to work.