Recently Published Article: NZ Geomechanics News

Stratum Consultants own Senior Geotechnical Engineer Elles Pearse-Danker (in conjunction with Liam Wotherspoon) prepared an article for the NZ Geomechanics News for their June 2016 edition.  The NZ Geomechanics News is the bulletin of the New Zealand Geotechnical Society Inc.

Elles’ article is a follow-on from the testing and research of site subsoil classes around Tauranga that she did during her Masters in Geotechnical Engineering (MEng) qualification. 

The main conclusion of the article is that most of Tauranga should be Class D (deep or soft soils), which is important information to structural and geotechnical engineering professionals.  The article also recommends that the local community of geotechnical and structural engineers consider the geological setting when using relatively shallow data to determine the appropriate subsoil class for seismic design of buildings.   

This article can be viewed in full on page 62 at: