Resource Contents

Our resource consent management and town planning staff are able to assist with the navigation through the Resource Management Act - RMA - processes, including obtaining resource consent / subdivision consent from your local District Council or Regional Council.  We are also able to assist with initial pre-purchase feasibility reports, District Plan / Regional Plan interpretation and Assessment of Effects on the Environment, through to representation at the Environment Court.



  • Land Use consents
  • Subdivision consents
  • Regional Council consents
  • Historic Places Trust Authority consents
  • Local Authority consent processing
  • Designations and Outline Plans
  • Plan Changes and re-zoning
  • Project Management
  • National Environmental Standards - NES
  • Assessment of Effects on the Environment


land use consents

  • Retirement villages and residential developments
  • Industrial and Commercial developments
  • Sport and recreation developments
  • Tourism developments
  • Tourist accommodation facilties
  • Childcare centres
  • Education facilities
  • Post harvest horticulture
  • Maori land development and Papakaianga
  • Quarries and landfills
  • Jetties
  • Recreation

Subdivision consents

  • Rural farming and horticulture
  • Rural lifestyle lots
  • Multi lot residential
  • Infill residential
  • Commercial and industrial
  • Boundary adjustments
  • Maori partitions

regional council consents

  • Earthworks
  • Water takes
  • Stormwater disposal
  • Bridges and culverts
  • Quarries