Welcome to our new “News” section. 

Here at Stratum Consultants Ltd we are constantly evolving and trying to improve the services that we offer our valued clients.  You will now be aware that we have recently upgraded our website so that it has a modern and fresh look, while still maintaining information on the services that we provide and the key staff contacts.  It is now also user friendly across all electronic platforms whether it be PC, mobile or tablet.  

We have also updated the domain name to: stratum.nz.  The old domain name: stratumnz.co.nz has been retained so we can still be contacted on this.  You will not need to update any contact details.  However, for clarity the following are our new details:

Website: www.stratum.nz

Email addresses: firstname.surname@stratum.nz

As part of the website upgrade we have included a “News” section where we will regularly provide relevant news for our clients, updates on the goings-on within Stratum Consultants Ltd or opinion pieces within our industry.

So … look out for our regular news updates on this website.